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For many years I worked with horses in the UK, Europe and South America, and since childhood have longed to depict them in art.

I am a self-taught artist and despite having enjoyed intermittent periods of painting in various media over the years it is only recently that I have discovered the excitement and challenge of creating detailed tonal drawings of the horse. Having worked with them it is natural for me to be able to understand and portray their character, spirit, movement and impulsion. Indeed, I can ‘feel’ the horses as I draw.

In recent years I have enjoyed many riding expeditions all over the world, particularly in Argentina and Chile, which have inspired some of my work.

I use a mixture of graphite, charcoal, chalk, coloured pencil and pastel, working on either white, smooth Mellotex paper, Bristol board or tinted pastel paper. This latter allows me to include additional tones. Each piece takes many hours to complete and entails applying several layers to achieve the tonal variations. Each layer is blended and shaded with a selection of tortillons, blenders, felt squares, chamois and soft paper before applying the next layer.

My drawing has been greatly influenced by the work of Mike Sibley, whose detailed graphite pencil work is second to none, especially his portrayals of dogs.

Occasionally I embark on larger works using acrylics or water colour with broad brush strokes, emphasising movement and colour, ignoring detail.

In addition to my drawings, paintings and photographs I also create and publish BOOKS - some in print, some as ebooks.

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Wendy Fraser, BA (Hons), MA, BHSAI