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At last - a tutor who helped me with colour mixing
St Dermot's

Three days with Dermot Cavanagh (remember his TV prog 'Awash With Colour'?) and at last I began to master the medium. Despite watching countless artists mixing their colours I've never managed to do it properly or understood the theory - until now. In addition to explaining which colours to mix, Dermot also told us how many brush loads of water to put in the palette before adding the colours and achieving the correct consistency for a wash. How come no one's ever mentioned this before? Or perhaps I just wasn't listening.

Anyway, whatever - the course was held in Selling Village Hall, in Kent, and, in addition to the excellent tuition, the village pub, The White Lion, served such tasty home cooked lunches at such reasonable prices that the three days couldn't have offered more.

Dermot's running another course at the same venue in November 2018.